Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that selecting the right school for your children can be a challenging task and may have questions about the admissions process at Faith Baptist Schools.  You are welcome to contact our admissions team at any time to address specific areas of interest, or feel free to browse some of the most frequently asked questions below.


There are about 1,300 students total in grades K3 – 12.

The 3 and 4 year old classes can have up to 21 students in each classroom with a teacher and teacher’s aid. All other grades have between 25-32 students per class with one teacher.

Please contact the Admissions Office at (818) 340-6131, ext. 225, to see if there is room in your student’s grade level. It is recommended that you enroll as soon as possible so you don’t have to be put on a waiting list if your grade level is full.

Faith Baptist Schools follows the admission guidelines set forth by the state of California. Children entering the 3-year old kindergarten must be age 3 by September 1. Children entering the 4-year old kindergarten must be age 4 by September 1. Children entering the 5-year old kindergarten must be age 5 by September 1.

Enrollment opens in January for each upcoming school year. We do not maintain waiting lists for future school years. Space is limited and a waiting list will begin only when each spot has been filled for the upcoming school year.

A waiting list is formed only when all seats have been filled in a grade level. If your child’s grade level is full by the time you turn in the application, your child will be placed on the waiting list. The admissions office will contact you as soon as a seat becomes available. Siblings are given priority during the waiting list process.

Unless there is a waiting list, children in grades K3 and K4 are officially accepted upon receipt of application and enrollment fee. Once all of the requirements are met for children entering grades K5-12, the Admissions Director will contact you to let you know of your child’s official acceptance. Additionally, information will be e-mailed to you in August regarding the start of school, school supplies, and Back-To-School Night.

Yes, all students in grades K3-12 must wear the Faith Baptist approved uniform. Faith Baptist uses the Dennis Uniform Company as our official uniform distributor. Please review the Dennis Uniform website to order uniform pieces, or visit the store located at 20920 Victory Blvd. in Woodland Hills.

Because we have a highly accelerated curriculum and require students to adhere to an arduous code of behavior, the administration may find it necessary to deny some applications for enrollment. This may be due to academic deficiencies. Students must also pass an entrance exam and their report cards must be average or better.

If a child scores low in any area of the entrance exam, Faith Baptist may recommend or require Summer School. This may help elementary students who score low in math, reading, or English. Academic probation may also be an option for low-scoring students. If a student is not accepted into Faith Baptist, the enrollment fee will be fully refunded.

Faith Baptist Schools is an open-enrollment school, and as such, church attendance is not mandatory for students or parents. However, because we are a distinctively Christian school, Bible is a required subject for every student.

Depending on a child’s entrance exam scores, Faith Baptist may recommend or require your child to attend Summer School. Summer School may help students who score low in math, reading, or English. Once school begins, after-school help classes are offered by each grade level. Tutoring is also available at $15 per hour for a student tutor, or $20 per half-hour for a teacher tutor. You may submit a Tutor Request to the administration if your child needs assistance. The administration will contact you accordingly.

Please understand that we cannot honor all requests for specific teachers. The Administration of Faith Baptist earnestly seeks to provide each student with the best possible classroom environment. When it comes to placement, the following factors are considered: time of enrollment, teacher requests, academic ranking, teacher recommendations, gender, and new student status. We do our best to put each student where he will be most happy and effective in his school work, but we cannot promise to place your child in the requested class. We kindly ask that each school family support our policy of waiting 30 days after the semester begins before requesting a change of teacher.


We accept automated payments only. Parents may select either automated ACH from a checking/savings account or automated charges to a Credit or Debit card through the Parent Portal.

Parents may choose to have their payments processed on either the 1st or the 15th. Tuition payments will be processed each month on the date parents initially selected.

If payment is not made by the selected payment date, your account will be delinquent and charged a $30.00 late fee the following day, respectively.

If your account is delinquent as of the last day of the month, with the exception of May, your child will be required to stay out of school until the account is made current. You will have 10 days from the date of withdrawal to bring your account current, or your child will not be allowed to return to Faith Baptist. A $100 reinstatement charge per child will be added to your account upon the return of your child. If payment has not been made at the end of the 10th day, collection procedures will be initiated.

Statements and current invoices can be reviewed within the Parent Portal. Monthly payment reminders will be email approximately 10 days before the due date.

Faith Baptist has budgeted the tuition for each child so that, whether you use the books or the activities included in the tuition cost, the same tuition rate applies. We are not be able to pro-rate any tuition fees.
In the event of a lost or damaged rental book, the parent will be billed the full cost of the book in addition to the rental fee. In the event of a lost consumable book, the parent will be billed the full cost of a replacement book.
Before-and after-school daycare is included in the annual tuition. However, because of our conditional use permit, we must charge $2 for every minute to any students staying past 6:00 PM. A child who is repeatedly left in daycare past 6:00 PM will lose his privilege to be in that program.
Financial assistance is available to families who qualify. For more information, please review the Tuition & Fees page.

Yes, Faith Baptist offers the following discounts:


  • Founder’s Award: 100% Tuition. Must have received the Founder’s Award from either the 6th or 9th grade graduation ceremony. Award is applied only to 7th or 10th grade year respectively. Recipients are responsible for Book Fees ($320).
  • Pastoral Discount: 50% Tuition. Must be a full-time Senior Pastor with a single source of income from ministry. Pastoral Discount application must be submitted with required documentation no later that July 1. Family is responsible for Book Fees ($160 K3&K4 / $320 K5-12th grade per student).
  • Sandra Torigian Award: 50% Tuition. Must have received the Award from either the 6th or 9th grade graduation ceremony. Award is applied only to 7th or 10th grade year respectively. Recipients are responsible for Book Fees ($320).
  • Alumni Discount: 15% Tuition.  Must be a Faith Baptist student graduate. Family is responsible for Book Fees ($160 K3&K4 / $320 K5-12th grade per student).
  • Payment in Full Discount: 5% Tuition (applied on the net tuition due if other discounts apply). Full tuition payment must be paid in full prior to or on August 15, 2016. Family is responsible for Book Fees ($160 K3&K4 / $320 K5-12th grade per student).
  • Financial Aid: Variable Award. Must complete the Financial Aid application and submit requested documentation. Applications for the Fall semester must be received no later than June 1. Applications for the Spring semester must be received no later than December 1. Please call the Administration Office to receive a Financial Aid application.
  • Multi-Sibling Discount: See the Tuition Schedule. Students must be dependents residing together with the account holder.

Accounts may not receive multiple discounts with the exception of the Payment in Full Discount. The greatest awarded discount will be applied to the family account as appropriate.