We are so pleased that you have decided to apply to Faith Baptist Schools!

In choosing Faith Baptist Schools, you have demonstrated that you are not content to settle for an average education for your child. we are proud of our students’ academic achievements, but there is something more important in education than superior academic achievement.

Faith Baptist Schools is a distinctively Christian school. Our purpose is not only to educate the minds of young people, but also to guide their hearts to an understanding of God’s Holy Word, the Bible. In particular, it is our goal to see every student come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. For this reason, Bible is a required subject for every student. In addition, our first- through twelfth-grade students attend chapel regularly. In a Christian school, and only in a Christian school, will your child be taught moral and ethical values which have a foundation in God’s Word. Students who are given such a foundation have the opportunity to develop the personal characteristics necessary to succeed in college and in life.

Because we have a very accelerated curriculum and strict code of behavior, the administration may find it necessary to deny some applications for enrollment. This may be due to academic deficiencies. Students must pass the entrance exam and their report cards must be average or better. We will be very honest with you if we do not believe we can offer the academic help your child may need. Past discipline problems may also cause an application to be denied. No child will be admitted to Faith Baptist Schools without a good recommendation from his present school. His report card must reflect good work habits and citizenship. Please understand that although we would like to accept every student, Faith Baptist Schools is not primarily a remedial or disciplinary school.

We encourage you to return your completed application forms with the application fee as soon as possible to avoid missing this extraordinary educational opportunity for your child. In addition, we invite you to be our guest at an upcoming Faith Baptist Church service. We are thankful that you have chosen Faith Baptist Schools, and we look forward to having a wonderful school year with both you and your child.


Mr. Roland Rasmussen, Jr.