Welcome to K3 & K4!

We are excited about our three- and four-year-old program and wish to share some of the highlights of our curriculum with you. First of all, we teach the Bible, which we believe is the Word of God. Bible stories, music, and Bible principles are a part of our curriculum. Approximately twenty Bible verses emphasizing good character traits are taught throughout the year. Parents have been very excited and thrilled with this training because it has been a positive influence upon the lives of their children. The following verses are samples of what is taught: Ephesians 4:32 “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another…” and Ephesians 6:1 “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for it is right.”

In the area of academics, manuscript writing is taught. Children learn to write their names, as well as write the upper and lower case of each letter of the alphabet. Many show proficiency in printing Bible verses. In the exciting areas of reading and phonics, our kindergarten children learn each letter of the alphabet, recognizing the letter by name and sound, including long and short vowels. They also learn the long- and short-vowel rules, which makes learning to read so much easier. What a thrill it is when children receive their first reading book! Many will read several small books by the end of the year.
Three-and four-year-olds love arithmetic! They are excited when they can show off their various mathematical abilities. Students learn all their numbers from 0-100 and can count orally to 50. Various papers are introduced in which objects are counted and the correct number is filled in by the three-and four-year-old. Parents and children alike become very excited when the addition papers start coming home. It is a thrill for the children to be able to add their own numbers without pictures or helps.

In the area of art, activities such as working with clay, coloring, cutting, painting, and pasting are included in the program. Our goal is to make learning exciting and school enjoyable. A child’s first year of school is very important, and we believe it will influence his learning patterns for the rest of his life. Some parents have remarked, “My! How do they do it? It is amazing! It is fantastic! My child loves every minute of it.” One mother said, “It really shows how ready my child was to learn, and he is not being pressured.”

In closing, if you would like to visit your child’s grade-level class or if we can answer any specific questions about the kindergarten program, please call the school and ask for the kindergarten director to make arrangements.


Mrs. Elizabeth Orozco
K-3 & K-4 Director