Begin each class with prayer and a Bible story; 18 Bible verses memorized throughout the year including Psalm 100, Luke 2:11, Psalm 23, and Psalm 1; learn good character traits

Write numbers 1-20 and practice visually up to 100; recognize, circle, and count objects; recognize and draw shapes and patterns; introduction to addition and subtraction

Build reading comprehension through storytelling and coloring visuals; Aa-Zz letter recognition; recognize objects that are alike and that differ; remember what is heard and recognize words that sound alike

Write out first name

An introduction to art through the exploration of a variety of media such as pencils, colored pencils, crayons, water based paints, and collage

Simple lessons in science, history and social studies are taught patriotism


Begin each class with prayer and a Bible story; over 20 Bible verses memorized

Recognize & write numbers 1-100; count objects and circle; count objects and write; introduction to addition

Recognize and read one and two vowel words

Knowledge of alphabetic sounds

Knowledge of spelling using phonetic sounds and rules

First and last name; alphabet Aa-Zz; one and two vowel words

Exploration of variety of media: pencil, crayon, color pencils, paint, paper collages, and much more

K3 Curriculum Samples

K4 Curriculum Samples